KARUVI Timber cooling towers


KARUVI Timber cooling towers

Series KA SF & DF are designed for the highest efficiency at the lower operating Cost. The parts of cooling tower delivers maximum cooling with minimum horse power with minimized maintenance cost.

1)Series KA – SF(Single Flow)
KA-SF cooling Tower capacity starts from 180TR to 300TR. The Single flow cooling tower serves the purpose soulfully on the minimum space availability and high temperature applications. The temperature drop in this cooling tower would be higher than other products.

2)Series KA – DF(Double Flow)
Considering the Economy and performance, Double flow cooling towers would be most suitable solution for the higher temperature applications and intermediate process cooling applications. The Capacity of the KA-DF starts from 180TR – 500TR.

3)Series K15-18M
Karuvi timber cooling towers series 15-18 start from the capacity of 500TR – 800TR as single cell.These towers are specially designed for minimum maintenance for lasting performance for industrial process cooling applications also for large air conditioning applications.These towers are designed with Single flow as well as double flow with gear drive. Also with independent and high performance.

4)Series K 500 – 600
KARUVI 500-600 cooling towers are specially designed for customization for higher capacity cooling required.These towers are especially suitable for captive power plants, steel, chemical and sugar plants. The capacity of this cooling tower starts from 1200CMH to increased cell through customization.


Below are the features of Karuvi Timber Cooling Towers

  • Heavy-duty fiber-reinforced epoxy fans, cast-iron Geareducers, and stainless steel driveshafts require only periodic maintenance.
  • Low-maintenance materials are used throughout the cooling tower.
  • Widely-spaced splash fill helps prevent clogging.
  • The fill area is readily accessible for cleaning.
  • Lots of tower models with different capacities per fan cell, provide the flexibility to fit almost any job.
  • Greater capacity is available with multiple fan-cells.

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