KARUVI Steel constructed cooling towers


KARUVI Steel constructed cooling towers

Karuvi Steel constructed cooling towers are designed to have high performance with low maintenance with all season performance. Also benefit of green environment is imbibed in steel constructed cooling towers to timber cooling towers. These cooling towers are available based on the applications and client’s preference,

  • PVC Honey comb fills
  • PVC Hanging fills
  • Splash bars.
  • Features

    Below are the features of Karuvi Steel constructed Cooling Towers

    • Highly resistant to corrosive environments
    • The fill area is readily accessible for cleaning.
    • It is light in weight and thus permits roof installation without any special reinforcement.

    Need cooling tower for your Business?

    We have endeavoured to go beyond the limits of conventionalities by providing cooling tower systems. We also provide consultancy service for setting up these plants. Please call us or leave us a message for business enquiries

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