KARUVI RCC Cooling towers


KARUVI RCC Cooling towers

KARUVI RCC Cooling towers are most suitable high temperature applications and high sludge flow . The life of the RCC Cooling towers will be more compared to other cooling towers. The capacity will be designed based on customer request. The counter flow and cross flow are specified based on the type of fills selection.


Below are the features of Karuvi RCC Cooling Towers

  • Robust in construction and extremely durable our RCC Cooling Towers are manufactured using optimum quality raw materials.
  • Best suited for increased cooling and power generation requirements in various industries our RCC Cooling Towers are in huge demands in the market.

Need cooling tower for your Business?

We have endeavoured to go beyond the limits of conventionalities by providing cooling tower systems. We also provide consultancy service for setting up these plants. Please call us or leave us a message for business enquiries

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