KARUVI FRP Cross flow Cooling Tower


KARUVI FRP Cross flow Cooling Tower

KARUVI FRP Cross flow Cooling Tower starts from the capacity range of 100TR – 500TR . Higher capacity is enhanced in smaller sizes of these models. Unique design of the fills in cross flow cooling towers are specially designed for the delayed flow of water drops through the each flute of the fills with air flow. The Cooling Tower is available in single cell as well as Multi cell cooling towers based on the cooling requirement.

These cross flow cooling towers of Karuvi are driven by three different kind of drives,

  • Gear Drive
  • Belt Drive
  • Direct Drive
  • Features

    Below are the features of Karuvi FRP Cross flow Cooling Towers

    • These cooling towers are designed and manufactured for maximum service life, dependability and performance.
    • They are readily adaptable for any type of water cooling application.
    • The selection of material for the cooling tower is based on the requirement that they must be completely resistant to corrosion and chemicals. This has been achieved through the exclusive use of FRP, PVC and MSHDG / SS supporting structure.

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